What is Quality Financial Reporting?
Quality Financial Reporting (QFR) is the brainchild of Professors Paul Miller and Paul Bahnson and is dedicated to the idea that more informative corporate reporting leads to lower capital costs and thus, higher stock prices. QFR is a new paradigm in financial reporting devoted to providing users with more of the information they need. QFR stands in sharp contrast to current practice where the FASB and other regulatory agencies set minimum standards and most corporations are content with minimum reporting.

How can I learn more about Quality Financal Reporting?
Quality Financial Reporting  is the title and subject of a book by Professors Miller and Bahnson, published by McGraw-Hill. The book describes what QFR is, its benefits and some first steps that interested managers can take in implementing a QFR reporting strategy. You can read more about the book, including Warren Buffet's recommendation at Amazon.com

The authors write about QFR and other contempory topics in their column, "The Spirit of Accounting," which appears in Accounting Today

Professors Miller and Bahnson frequently speak and consult on QFR issues.  If you are interested in these services, please send your inquiry to: paulandpaul@qfr.biz